Site Acquisition

The site was acquired by the Trustees and Community in 1996 after being actively marketed for a period of four years. It had not therefore been actively used since 1992.

The existing mosque on Site has a capacity to accommodate in the region of 2,500 people albeit in somewhat cramped conditions.


Following the purchase of this 16.5 acre site, including the Channel Sea Island, through the generosity of the Muslim Community, work has been continuously undertaken to present plans for a mixed use development centred on a Mosque. During that time communications have been maintained within both the community and the local authority.

In 1999, a comprehensive application for the Site's redevelopment was refused. Temporary planning permission was granted for 5 years in 2001 for the use of the existing buildings as a place of worship.

The winning of the Olympics in 2005 and a subsequent Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order made it harder for the Trustees to progress its long-term plans for the Site. Ironically, the CPO was eventually withdrawn in relation to the Site, although not until Spring 2009.

Unfortunately, in August 2006 a rather fanciful design, which had never been considered for submission, was leaked to the press. This caused a flood of misinformation across all media and from all corners of the world.

Throughout this evolutionary design process the Trustees have had a comprehensive consultation programme in place. The Trustees had many meetings and discussions with Council officers, Council Members and other stakeholders such as the two local MPs and members of the GLA.